Daren performing

Hello and welcome to the homepage of Daren Burns, a bassist/composer/educator. Daren has been an active musician for almost 25 years, playing in every conceivable format; from rock, to jazz, and experimental music. He sites Wadada Leo Smith as his musical mentor and much of his musical interest lies in the area of how to balance composition and improvisation in various ensemble formats. In recent years he has also become interested in classical Indian rhythmic and melodic systems (North and South) and integrated electronic performance.


Daren's new recording is a CD entitled Interstellar Echoes. It was released in Early 2018 and features myself on bass and electronics plus Craig Bunch on drums. The recording is a tribute to John Coltrane and is a take on Coltrane's seminal Interstellar Space recording with Rashied Ali. It is now available on Bandcamp: Daren Burns: Interstellar Echoes


Previous recording is: Onibaba CD entitled, Anesthesia, released in 2016, which includes Vinny Golia, George McMullen, Scott Collins, Craig Bunch, and beautiful artwork by Kio Griffith. This is a seamless track of 40 minutes that reflects how we sound like in a live setting. It was recorded in one pass with no overdubs with once again, Wayne Peet engineering and mixing.


Other Recordings:

Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of KingsDaren Burns' band Onibaba includes: Vinny Golia - woodwinds, George McMullen - trombone, Scott Collins - guitar/Efx, Craig Bunch - drums, Randy Gloss - percussion, and beautiful artwork by Kio Griffith. Mixed and recorded by Wayne Peet at Newzone.


Fear Is Not the Natural State of Civilized People: Daren Burns' CD features the incredible Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet, Scott Collins - guitar, Sarah Phillips - piano, Craig Bunch - drums, and artwork by Kio GriffithMixed and recorded by Wayne Peet at Newzone.


Beautiful Dreamer: The CD features Brandy Repairs Utah which is, Koorosh Daryaie - percussion/loops and Merkus Alcus - poetry and voice. it is a journey into the unknown, beyond the realm of the human psyche. A stream of consciousness experience.


Have We Met: Jazz Trio 3 Squares which is, Daren Burns - bass, David Vincent Mills - keys, and Craig Bunch - drums. Features energetic, off-kilter jazz that evokes many moods and influences.