Onibaba- Disintegration Album CoverDisintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings - Daren Burns

Thanks you for your interest in covering Daren Burns' 2013 release by his band Onibaba entitled, "Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings" featuring Vinny Golia. Here you will find all pertinent audio, image, and text files.


Official Press Release (PDF, 142 KB)

Other Press Documents (ZIP, 477 KB)

.zip file of "Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings" in m4a  format (four pieces, 94.9 MB total)

"Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings" streamable on Bandcamp includes entire album plus some other release notes.

Hi-res cover art of "Disintegration of Secrets/Apparitions of Kings" (JPEG, 410 KB)


Daren Burns Small Bassist/composer Daren Burns (photo by Jia Wang)

High Res Black and White (2.1 MB)

High Res Color  (1.9 MB)