Fear Is Not the Natural State of Civilized People

Daren Burns

Electric improvised music, similar to 70's era Miles Davis, featuring the incredible Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet

The title of this CD is a quote from the Burmese political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi (who was recently released again; for how long, we'll have to see) and the music is my comment on the US post 9/11. As We have been running scared for now over eleven years, and seem willing to give up our most important and basic freedoms based only on fear, I say that maybe it's time we looked at some of the true heroes of the world, some of them peaceful others violent; who stood up, with 100% of their total energy and focus for what they believed in while paying greatly with their own personal costs. Blindly and foolishly giving up constitutional rights for the illusion of safety is not the answer.

This recording is dedicated to Goyathlay (Geronimo) the great Apache leader, Gandhi the Indian revolutionary, Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese political prisoner, Fela Kuti the Nigerian fighter of governmental corruption, and anyone else who believes that life based on fear is not an option.

Music Is the Weapon. credits released 15 March 2012 Daren Burns - composer/fretless bass Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet Scott Collins - guitar Sarah Phillips - piano Craig Bunch - drums

Recorded 6-23-09 Mixed 9-15 and 11-24-09 by Wayne Peet @ Newzone Studios, Los Angeles

Artwork and design by Kio Griffith

"Fear is Not the Natural State of Civilized People" -- an excellent, expansive, post-'70s Miles-influenced fusion record featuring Wadada Leo Smith. Impressive fretless bass work by Burns and some really fine writing as well. There is some deep subtext in terms of the messages delivered, too. The album serves as his comment on the state of the American and global psyche in the post 9/11 environment. - Anil Prasad, http://www.Innerviews.org

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The Not So Secret Lies of Bobby Scorpio


Groovin', riff-based, hard rock with some progressive elements and unique, Burrough-esque lyrics. Influenced by Clutch, Rollins Band, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis. Sounds like Alice In Chains or Henry Rollins.

In April of 1995, Trey and Lyle began a collaborative songwriting experiment. A band of three had been assembled by Trey and they were seeking a voice. Lyle was in touch with the spirit Merkus Alkus, who sang. Thus began Muzzleloader.

Gigging commenced immediately and within three weeks of the initial meeting, these musicians were closing down Oklahoma's finest bars and basements.Tired of the cover band scene and not getting respect in Oklahoma, Trey, Lyle and Paul(the groups bassist at the time) headed west to pursue their vision. Shortly after moving the troupe to Southern California, Yasha Filisov joined as the replacement drummer. Yasha brought with him years of study and session work experience, soon after, the band began playing shows across the O.C./L.A. areas: from Lake Forest to downtown Los Angeles; Fullerton to Ventura; Van Nuys to Newport Beach.In 1997, amid interpersonal problems, the group disbanded and became another casualty of the fledgling bands on the scene. In the Fall 1998, Yasha and Trey got the urge to pick up the pieces and carry on. They reenlisted Lyle on vocals and in the spring of 1999, Daren Burns, also a veteran of various projects and recordings, was recruited by Yasha to be the group's bassist. Burns brought the expertise needed to continue with the rich tradition of live shows and interesting songwriting.After several months of playing various venues across the Southern California area, recording began for the upcoming self-produced debut album entitled "The not so secret lies of Bobby Scorpio" which will be completed in May of 2001. After the release, Muzzleloader will be back to playing live in support of their release, and to win over new fans.

Group members:

Trey Creager- Guitars, Mercus Alkus- Vocals, Daren Burns- Basses, Yasha Philips- Drums and Percussion

Musical influences:

Tool, Clutch, The Smiths, Peter Gabriel, Ben Fold's Five, AC/DC, Duran Duran, Weather Report, Alice In Chains, Devo, Bob Marley, The Who, Frank Zappa, Rush, REM, The Cure, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Adam Ant, Slayer, John Coltrane, Sonic Youth, Cheap Trick, King Crimson, Miles Davis, Henry Rollins plus many, many others.

Listen.com review:

Brash, guitar-heavy rock with distorted low-end riffs spilling out beneath grungy vocal melodies. Tight and confident.

by Will Y.

Orange County Register Review:


"The Not So Secret Lies of Bobby Scorpio" is the 12-track debut from MuzzleLoader, which boasts a lineup of players from Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

The CD is a triumph of those who appreciate the joys of stripped down and largely uncluttered hard rock - think of a more modern version of AC/DC or the Cult.

Indeed, "AD" captures the feel of those two band's most accessible rockers by finding a crunchy groove and driving it home. However, the quartet isn't afraid to venture outside a one-trick formula, even touching on funk ("Cataclysm") and pop ("The California Contract").

MuzzleLoader also abandons its usually straight-forward rock for a welcome trip through psychedelics on "estrogen."

For more information, visit the band's official Web site (www.muzzleloader.org), or email the group at muzzleloadermusic@juno.com.

You might enjoy if you like: Stone Temple Pilots, the Cult


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