ICU @ Central Library Oct. 4th and Drumbo

ICU had a great 3rd performance on the 4th. I wrote and performed a new piece titled "Tengu" for 2 quartets and video. The instrumentation and performers were Misuzu Kitazumi-koto, Megan Fong-violin, Casey Butler-soprano sax, William Roper-tuba, Scott Collins-electric guitar, Me-electric bass, Ingo Deul-drum set, and Famoudou Don Moye-percussion. Kio Griffith performed live video and the whole thing went pretty well. I come from the Miles Davis school of thought of picking your ensemble around your musical needs, I was extremely grateful to have such great musicians/artists involved and having the right people involved really brought the music to life. I have also still been rehearsing with John "Drumbo" French, we just about have his 12 song CD down and will start learning more. This band is a freaking amazing band and, John, Scott Collins, Eric Klerks, and Craig Bunch are fantastic to work with! We have started rehearsing without amps, just all in-ear monitoring and I think it is really helping. It is much easier to hear all of the parts and my ears aren't as fatigued at the end of rehearsal. Heres a video of Wadada Leo Smith, Scott Collins, Kathy Carbonne, and myself at the Imaginarias Fronteras workshop at the Centro Estatal De Las Artes in Mexicali:

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